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Blossom Wallpaper by epicparadot
Blossom Wallpaper
Sometime ago on my laptop I made some Powerpuff Girls wallpapers with ms paint. I decided to might as well upload them since they're here. 
Blossom and Powerpuff Girls is owned by Cartoon Network and Craig Mccracken

Poleneux middle school was really quiet that morning. Robot noticed this as he walked through the front doors and went to his locker. He didn't sleep too well that night as he was constantly thinking wether or not the decision he finally made was the correct one. Scantron is so sweet to him but he also knew Shannon longer. He wondered what they were both thinking at the moment. He didn't have to think about that for too long as he looked up and saw them both standing in front of him. He also noticed his three friends and Pam and her friends behind them. Pam and the others excluding Shannon were staring down Scantron. She looked so scared and helpless now. When she first appeared, she showed no sign of caring when people stared down at her, but now she looked shy and nervous. Robot gulped. He hoped he made the right choice.

"...... WELL?!" Everyone looked at Pam. She looked back aggitated, "are you gonna say something 'it' or are you just gonna stand there?" Shannon and Scantron looked at Pam a bit angerly, then back at Robot.
"Robot?" Robot looked at Scantron, "it's... ok if you.. don't like me back.." Robot looked down at the ground That just made him feel even guiltier.
"Scantron..." said Robot, "I really like you but... I still like Shannon," Scantron looked down at the floor. She really REALLY wanted to respect and accept Robot's decision but... She felt she couldn't just give him up.. Scantron turned to Shannon, ready to attack her, only for Shannon to turn around to face Pam.
"He's not an it!" yelled Shannon, "he's a robot boy! A digital dork yes but he isn't just some thing like you always try to make him sound like!" Pam looked at Shannon, shocked that she was yelling at her like this. She was expecting Robot to choose the other robot so all this dumb nonsense will stop but he chose Shannon and now she's suddenly lashing at her for always being mean to him.

"Shannon you don't really LIKE that thing do you?" asked Pam.
"He's my friend!" Shannon answered while grabbing Robot's claw hand. Scantron watched in awe at her. She always believed Shannon and the other humans were just using him, but now here she was, accepting him as her friend. Scantron took Robot's other hand and glared at Pam.
"She's right," said Scantron, "you shouldn't judge someone by who they are, he's a boy and i'm a girl. Just because we're robots doesn't mean we don't have genders and can't feel anything. Robots and humans both feel the same emotions"  Scantron smiled. She understood now. Not all humans are bad and the same goes for robots too, she learned that when she thought about what she had been doing all this time. Both humans and robots are capable of having genders, feeling things and actions. She once believed all humans were bad, but she was wrong. Pam looked at them furiously, especially when Socks, Mitch, Cubey, and even all the girls joined Robot's side. Pam angerly walked off down the hall.

"I'm sorry again Scantron," said Robot, looking a bit sad. Scantron smiled at him and hugged him. All she cared about now was his happiness.
"It's ok Robot," said Scantron, "I still love you though." Robot smiled back, glad to know Scantron was ok.
"What is going on here?" Everyone turned to see principal Madman looking mad, "the school bell has rung and none of you are in your class! GET THERE NOW!" Everyone rolled their eyes and headed there. Robot, Scantron, and Shannon smiled at each other and headed to their class.


The end~
Robot Jones Scantron's return chapter 10
Finally here is the end. Sorry if nobody likes this ending, I was in a slight hurry to make it. I'm thinking of having an alternate ending where he chooses Scantron instead. Hope you enjoy.

"Shannon, are you ok?" Robot asked as he ran over to Shannon's side.

"Ugh... I think so.." said Shannon as she rubbed her head. Everyone from backstage ran to the front while some people in the audience were calling an ambulance. Scantron ran out as well and saw the damage. All the cheerleaders were very hurt due to when they got covered in oil and slipped to the floor.
"Oh no..." said Scantron to herself, "what did I just do?" True she wanted them to be covered in oil but she didn't expect them to slip and fall from it. "Now Robot will never forgive me..."
"So you did do it?" Scantron turned to see Socks, Mitch, and Cubey standing behind her with their arms crossed.
"Yeah so what if I did?!" Scantron spat angerly.
"Did what?" Scantron turned around again this time seeing Robot helping Shannon walk.
"I...I..." Scantron looked back and forth at the boys and Robot. She wasn't sure what to do.
"Scantron.." Scantron looked up to see Arther standing there with Robot's parents, "you have something to tell us." Scantron didn't know what to do about this. For once in her life, she felt completly scared. She felt helpless before but not scared. She took a deep breath. She had to explain.
"It all started... with a test answer sheet..."

Everyone listened to her whole story. How she fell in love, how the students talked Robot into using her, how she was abandoned, how she was turned to a new robot, and how she wanted Robot for herself.
"...And that girl.. Shannon.. she took you from me..." Scantron slowly pointed her finger at a surprised Shannon, "she was the humans ringleader behind Robot using me.." Cubey and Mitch now sweatdropping knew they had to explain what really happened.
"Um, actually.." Mitch started.
"WE were the ones that started the whole thing.." Cubey finished. Scantron slowly turned, now full of rage.
"I KNEW YOU COULDN'T BE TRUSTED!!!" she was about to attack them, only for Robot to grab ahold of her.
"Scantron no!" Robot yelled at her, "they didn't know!" Scantron looked sad again, a tear of oil slid down her face.
"Robot.. I love you... Do you love me..?" Scantron asked. Robot looked at her and Shannon. He wasn't sure anymore. He still had deep feelings for Shannon, but he also had developed feelings for Scantron. He knew he couldn't choose both. He needed time to think about this.
"I...need time.." said Robot. Scantron nodded and slowly walked out of the school. Shannon watched the whole scene in complete silence. For some reason, she was glad that he didn't say 'I love you too'. She didn't know why but she was glad. Afterwards, everyone left the school to head home.

Robot and his parents walked home together in silence. Robot didn't what to do about the whole thing. He needed help. When they got home, Mom unit and Dad unit went to bed. All that happened was really draining them. Robot stayed up. He wanted help. He went into the room where Gramps unit was and knocked on his door.
"WHO IS IT?" asked Gramps unit.
"Robot Electro Jones," said Robot.
"COME IN ROBOT," said Gramps unit and the door opened. Robot walked in and quickly noticed the game of chess was still sitting on the table from when Robot threw a house party.
"ROBOT, WE HAVEN'T FINISHED OUR GAME OF CHESS. PLEASE, HAVE A SEAT," said Gramps unit. Robot sat down and started to continue chess with his grandpa unit.
"Heheh.. Nice move," said Robot on Gramps unit's turn.
"YOU SEEM DOWN. WHAT IS THE MATTER?" said Gramps unit, keeping his claw hand close to his off switch just in case.
"Well, i'm in a bit of a situation. You see, I like these two different girls, a human girl and a robot girl," said Robot, "I have been in love with the human girl for a long time, but then comes this robot girl and I have developed feelings for her as well and I know I can't choose both and I need help with what I should choose." Gramps unit listened to Robot's problem and made a humm sound.
"USUALLY I WOULD SAY DATE THE ROBOT GIRL," said Gramps unit,"HOWEVER, SINCE I CARE DEEPLY ABOUT YOU AND YOUR HAPPINESS, YOU SHOULD CHOOSE WHO YOU WANT THE MOST." Robot sighed. That was easier said than done, but if he truly had to think, who would it be?
Robot Jones Scantron's return chapter 9
Sorry that this chapter is short, maybe in the future i'll try to make it longer. Next chapter is the ending however there will also be an alternative ending as well...

The next evening came the talent show. Robot and his parents walked into the auditorium where it was filled with people. Alot of the people stared at the robot family, unsure of what to think. Robot and his parents simply ignored their stares and his parents took their seats. Robot said goodbye and walked to the back of the stage where everyone else was. Judging by how everyone was acting towards each other, there appeared to be alot of anger to one another. Robot shook his head. He didn't like all this fighting. He headed over to where his bandmates were.
"There you are Robot," said Socks, "ready to rock?"
"Yes, I am." said Robot with a smile.
"Robot~" they turned their heads to see Scantron run over to greet them. "Good luck Robot! I'll be watching you!"
"Um, thanks Scantron," said Robot bashfully. Socks, Mitch, and Cubey watched with aggitation. They promised not to bring it up again but that didn't mean they had to like her now.
"I see you're wearing the same thing as always," said Socks.
"Arther wanted me to wear a dress but it's a human dress so I said no," said Scantron.
"Who?" asked Mitch.
"Nevermind well bye Robot!" Scantron said happily before running off.

Scantron ran over to the where the audience as fast as she could. She stopped to look for Arther which she quickly found in the first row next to two robots, a blue one and a pink one. The three of them looked like they were in a pleasant conversation. (Are those Robot's parents?) she thought before walking over to them.
"Oh, yes I guess even little robots grow up so fast," said Arther.
"Agreement. Agreement. Agreement," said Dad unit.
"Arther," said Scantron, "the oil, did you bring it?"
"Hm? Oh yes I did," said Arther, reaching over to grab the bucket of oil, "do you really need this much though? You're tank looks pretty full to me."
"Trust me it isn't," Scantron said quickly before taking the bucket.
"Well good luck then," said Arther.
"Thanks," said Scantron before leaving. She grinned evilly. She felt a bit bad she had to trick Arther into giving her a bucket of oil but she really needed it for later. It will be worth it.

"I never thought i'd be so excited for a talent show," said Denny Yogman, as he and his brother, Lenny were pushing his their cart next to the stage. Luckily no one seemed to show any care to what they were doing.
"Indeed brother," said Lenny, "now let's retell what the plan is. First when she goes on, we will ram our cart into her. Then Robot will be so upset, he'll rush over to save her. Then while he's vulnerable, we'll take his brain, brainwash the principal and rule the school and make Robot our slave,"
"It's so brilliant brother," said Denny. Lenny looked down at his brother with a smirk.
"I know."

"Ok, are we all ready?" asked Pam. Shannon and the others held up the bucket of water and extra water balloons with them.
"Ready!" They all said in unison.
"Good," said Pam, " if we're lucky, we won't get caught." Shannon looked over at Robot and his friends. Robot turned and saw Shannon. He smiled at her and waved.
"Good luck, Shannon!" Robot yelled.
"What?" Shannon yelled back not hearing him. Robot turned up his volume and yelled again.
"GOOD LUCK, SHANNON!!!" Robot yelled. Shannon was about to yell at him to shut up but then Pam decided to do it instead.
"She doesn't need luck, she has me, 'it'!" Pam yelled rudely. Robot frowned at her comment, then turned back to his friends.
"There you go Shannon," said Pam. Shannon frowned. She didn't really like that Pam felt like she had to do that for her. She looked back over at Robot and smiled a little.
"Good luck to you too, digital dork."

"Attention everyone," everyone turned to the front looking at Principal Madman, "I am Principal Madman and I welcome you all to Polyneux middle school's talent show this evening..." Scantron rolled her eyes at his boring speech, she wanted to get this all done quickly but knew she neede patience. When his speech was finally done the show began. The first few people were very boring to her. They only did things like juggling and skating in circles and alot of boring stuff until finally.. "Next up is our new student, "Sarah Paige," the audience clapped and Scantron started feeling a bit nervous.
"This is it," said Scantron.
"This is it," said Lenny, evilly.
"This is it," said Pam, holding the water.

Scantron began her song that she was practicing all day. Everyone stared in awe at her beautiful singing voice. Lenny and Denny stared but then snapped back to reality.
"Now, Denny!" yelled L:enny.
"Yes brother!" said Denny. They both charged towards Scantron only to find at the last minute of how off their aim wasand ended up flying behind her and crashed into Pam and the others, sending their water to fall on themselves and a couple of other students. When they all got back, it was already too late, Scantron finished her song.
"NO!" Lenny and Pam yelled in unison. The audience was quiet at first but then applauded for her performance. Scantron smiled a little, though was curious as to what happened behind her and looked over to see the Yogman twins and Pam's gang covered in water. She did her best to hide her smirk and walked the opposite way to the back.
"Scantron that was amazing!" Robot said excitedly. Scantron giggled in joy.
"Thank you, Robot!" said Scantron happily, "you guys are going next right?"
"Yes, we are," said Robot.
"Ok good luck," said Scantron.
"Thanks," said Robot as he and his band went out o the audience.

"And next up we have, (oh do I have to say it?) the Rock Stallions," said Pricipal Madman. The four boys headed to the center of the stage with their equipment.
"Are you ready to ROOOOCK!" yelled Mitch. The audience, due to it mostly being parents, wasn't that loud. Mitch grunted in annoyance.
"Cheer up," said Cubey, wait till they hear us!" The band began to play the music they practiced on. Scantron meanwhile was on top of the stage preparing for when the girls begin their routine. She smirked evilly as she also watched Pam and Lenny fighting. Lenny yelling that Pam got water over him and Denny while Pam was yelling that the water would've been on Scantron if they didn't ruin it.
"Pathetic humans," Scantron laughed, "always complaining about something." Once the bucket was set in place, she watched Robot play his keyboard on the stage. Soon the song ended and they headed back to the back.
"You were so great, Robot!" said Scantron happily.
"Thanks, Scantron," said Robot.
"Up next is our cheerleading squad," announced Principal Madman.
"Hey Robot, i'll be right back ok?" said Scantron.
"Ok, see you later," said Robot. Scantron nodded and ran off.

The girls decided to continue the argument later when they were done and headed the the front of the stage.
"Ok girls give it your all!" yelled Pam. The girls nodded and began their routine. Little did they know that Scantron was right above them preparing to soak them in oil. The girls started forming their tower as their finale. Shannon jumped to the top of their tower pyramid. They were just about to end their routine when- SPLASH! Teh girls who were once soaked with water, now covered in oil. The audience gasped at the sight. Pricipal Madman looked up only to see no one where the oil fell. Scantron had long fled the scene and was back backstage.
"What happened?" she asked innocently.
"The cheerleaders got covered in oil," said one of the students.
"Where's Robot?" asked Scantron.
"Out there with them," said another student.
"WHAT?!" screamed Scantron. She looked behind the curtains to see Robot running over to Shannon.
"Are you ok Shannon?" he asked.
Robot Jones Scantron's return chapter 8
Well here it is, chapter 8. Sorry it took forever, things have been going on and I was a bit stressed and a little lazy but anyways hope you enjoy.


Scantron said goodbye to Robot and went to her home, the dumpster behind the robot factory. She wasn't feeling all that good at the moment. She wasn't sick or anything, she just felt bad. She now has Robot on the bridge of hating more humans, so why does she feel upset? Is it because he doesn't show any sign of hating Shannon? She wasn't sure. She hopes Robot isn't mad. She just didn't know how to feel or think anymore. She slowly climbed into her dumpster and randomly dug through her bookbag. She pulled out what looked like a music sheet. One of her classes is called music class and that was where she got it. She found singing a bit fun but decided to not sing as much as it gets unwanted attention from the humans. She's a bit flattered when they say she sounds great but since they're humans, she doesn't care much about their compliments. The only human she was ok with at the moment was Arther. Which speak of the devil just now poked his head in.

"Whatcha doing?" he asked.
"Thinking," said Scantron.
"About what? Anything happen at school?" asked Arther.
"Well I almost got into a fight as you can see the slap mark," said Scantron, pointing at her cheek.
"Oh, sorry I didn't notice that right away," said Arther, "how about we change the subject some. Any ideas for the talent show? I'm going to be there."
"Why would you be there?" asked Scantron.
"To see you perform of course," said Arther. Scantron blushed a bit by his comment and lightly smiled.
"I might sing," said Scantron, "the humans like it and Robot will be there to hear it too."
"Sounds great. I have to go back in so i'll talk to you later." said Arther.
"Ok bye," said Scantron. Arther smiled and closed the lid. Scantron at first was actually bluffing when she said she was going to sing but when she thought about it, she wanted Robot to hear her sing. Maybe then, he'll start to notice her a bit more and they could even become a couple. Then she sat up. Shannon is performing in the talent show too. What if he likes her performance WAY more than hers? She growled, thinking more on what to do. Then it hit her. She goes before Shannon so when Shannon performs she'll ruin her act. But how?

"Maybe...I'll take a bucket of oil.. And dump it on her from the top of the stage! Then her performance will be ruined and Robot will hate the performance so much he'll HAVE to only like me!" Scantron giggled a bit evilly. She loved the idea so much, all she could do was laugh about it.


"Yes, thank you. Goodbye." The Yogman twins, mother hung up the phone after having a call from the doctor about Lenny's black eye. Denny rolled his eyes the whole time she was talking. Sure he appreciated that their mom cares deeply for him and his brother, but did she really have to have twelve whole doctors come in just to look at a black eye? Denny left the kitchen to go check on Lenny who was in their room. Lenny was just laying down on his bed when Denny walked in. The first two days, Lenny had just been strangely quiet but with enough encouraging words from his brother, he was back to his old self.
"Um.. Brother?" said Denny to get his brother's attention. Lenny turned to his brother with his casual evil smirk.
"Look, brother," said Lenny, showing Denny a piece of paper, "I've been listing down some revenge plots on the new girl." Denny tried to read the paper, but due to Lenny's poor handwriting, it made it hard to read.
"Tomorrow night is the talent show," said Lenny, "and the new girl is performing in it. So when she comes on, we wait a few seconds, then we'll crash our cark into her, knocking her right off the stage! It's the ultimate revenge!" Denny watched proudly as his brother laughed evilly. Tomorrow was going to be an exciting evening..


"Well, today was a bit of a flop, but it was all because of 'it'!" Pam yelled, slamming her fist on her nightstand. Shannon and the other girls watched her with rage in their eyes. Shannon at first didn't really want to start anything but after what happened today, she was ready to have revenge on Scantron.
"Tomorrow at the talent show, she goes on first, when that happens, Shannon and Janice will be on top of the stage to pour water on her. When that happens she'll get electrocuted!"
"How do you know she's a robot?" asked a girl named Amanda.
"When I slapped her, her skin felt cold and metal like. The water will simply prove my point."
"Do you think she'll try anything on us?" asked Shannon.
"Hopefully she's too scared to do anything," said Pam, "hopefully she doesn't think we'll plot anything on her but oh boy have we got plans for her!" The girls giggled at their plan. It wasn't the most genius plan, but good for commedy purposes.
Tomorrow will definetlty be interesting.
Robot Jones Scantron's return chapter 7
Geez This chapter was shorter than I planned it too be. Oh well. The next one will be longer, I promise.
Congrats to my two older sisters and their husbands now my brothers in law! Some complications with the service at the bed and breakfast we stayed at but I still am happy for them :)


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United States
i've started drawing in middle school mainly. when i was younger i colored books. my life isn't really all that fantastic. i like disney,sonic,spyro,conker,animal crossing, mlp, and lps. my favorite game system is the wii but also gamecube.

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You know, you might have heard of a series of novels called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy written by Douglas Adams, and in the second novel, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, there's a scene where some of the characters use elevators controlled by fully sapient AI, and these AI are fucking deranged and/or depressed because they have nothing to do with their minds other than make elevators go up and down. That's what Scantron reminds me of.
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