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Sorry I haven't been uploading anything for a while I plan to very soon I've been a little busy lately but i'm alright and I will upload stuff again very soon:3
Happy Tree Friends: A cute embarassed porcupine
Couple: Flippy and Flaky

It started off simple enough for Flaky, a red porcupine with white dandruff flakes in her quills. She woke up and greeted the beautiful morning day and did her morning routine which was taking a warm shower, eating breakfast, and going outside to see what her friends were up to. She sighed happily. It was such a beautiful day, not a single cloud in the sky, it was absolutely gorgeous! She went to the park and happily played baseball with her friends, Cuddles, a yelloew rabbit who wore pink bunny slippers, Giggles, a pink chipmunk, who wore a pink bow on her head, and Toothy, a purple beaver. However, the fun didn't last too long since after one of her swings, the ball accidently hit Cuddles in the eye and out the back of his head, killing him instantly. Flaky screamed in fear and ran for help. Splendid, a blue flying squirrel that was a super hero flew down and attempted to bring Cuddles back but instead ended up killing Giggles and Toothy in the process. Don't ask how, everything happened so fast that Flaky couldn't fully process it all. Splendid patted her head and flew off when everything was done. Flaky ran off crying and accidently bumped into Lifty and Shifty, two dark green raccoon theives. She managed to run away from them but little did she know that they managed to take something from her...

After all that, the day instantly turned into what pretty much happens everyday for her. Starts off innocently, then quickly takes a turn for the worst. That was how Happy Tree Town worked. When they die, they come back the next day only to die again and the cycle repeats itself. Flaky sighed sadly to herself, remembering what all happened. Just then as if the day couldn't get any worse, she heard the sound of thunder and noticed the dark clouds above her. She started running to her house when it started to rain. When she reached her house, she reached into her small handbag to get her house key, only to find that... It wasn't there. Flaky panicked and tried searching more in her bag. After looking through it ten more times, she concluded that it was missing. She remembered when she ran into Lifty and Shifty and concluded that they must've taken it. Great. Not only was it pouring down rain and she was soaking wet from it, now she also had to worry about them breaking in. Though everyone usually has to worry about them doing that but still. She hurried off to the town hall. Everyone in town had an endless supply of spare keys there. They were stored safely in an unknown location there. However, just as she arrived, she found out rather harshly in her opinion that the town hall was locked.

"Gr-great.." Flaky stuttered. Of all times the town hall had to be closed, it had to be now. Why was it even closed anyway? She shook her head. That didn't matter. What was important was that she needed at least a place to dry off or she was gonna catch a serious cold. She walked around hoping that someone will open their door and let her in, but it appeared that alot of the tree friends were either somewhere else or dead. She stopped and stood underneath a street light, thinking about what to do. The last thing she wanted to do was sleep in the rain... She started to softly sob. How she was practically begging for someone to appear and take her in at least until the rain stopped.

"Flaky?" Flaky instantly turned around slightly startled by the voice. Behind her was Flippy, a mint green bear wearing a camo jacket, a berret on his head and a pair of dogtags around his neck. He was holding an umbrella and staring at her with soft black pacman eyes, "why are you crying?"
Flaky blushed, feeling extra shy. Part of her was terrified to see him but the other part of her was happy to see him. It was strange really how she feels towards the bear in front of her. Flippy has PTSD or known as Post traumatic stress disorder. Whenever something makes him think of the horrible war he was in, he would, as everyone calls it, "flip out" and become Fliqpy, another side of him that was a bloodthirsty killer and killed everyone in his path. Because of this, Flaky had developed a phobia of him and would try to avoid him.. And yet, at the same time, she would watch him from afar when he was in  his normal state. She knew him for a long time and despite him being dangerous, she couldn't help but also develop a crush on him, his normal side of course.
"I.. was just.. um.." Flaky stuttered, trying to find the right words. She couldn't help but lock her eyes on his. While Fliqpy had such piercing yellow eyes, Flippy's black eyes were soft and calm looking, almost hypnotic, she could stare into them all day but snapped out of it when he repeated his question to her, "I'm.. lo-locked out of m-my h-h-house. I lost my k-key and the town hall is c-closed.."

"Hmm.." Flippy thought for a minute, "You're gonna catch a cold if you stay out here. I'll bring you to my house, you can dry off there and wait till the rain stops." Flaky blushed more and nodded. She was gonna be alone with a half psycho but she's been through worse.
"How come you're out h-here?" asked Flaky as they both walked to Flippy's house.
"I was taking a stroll, then I flipped out... the sound of thunder snapped me out of it, then I was heading home when I ran into you," said Flippy, looking down obviously ashamed of himself for killing the others. Flaky simply nodded and stared down at his paw. She wanted to hold it. She wanted to make him feel better.. But then again it could instead make him feel weird since she doesn't know wether or not he feels the same feelings she does. Most likely not. They finally reached his house and got inside. Flaky sighed in relief to not be in the freezing rain. She jumped though when she heard Flippy sneeze.
"Heh sorry," Flippy blushed, "I think I got a bit sick from being out there. Here i'll get you a towel. Make yourself comfortable." He walked out of the room to get her a towel. Flaky looked around his house. He had a bunch of weapons out for display in the living room which made her shiver a little in fear. Please oh please don't let this all end horribly for me.. she thought to herself.

"Here you go Flaky," Flippy smiled when he walked into the room with a green towel. Now that Flaky randomly thought of it, he has an awful lot of green things in the house, heck he himself is green! She thanked him and started drying off. "Want something to eat?" he asked, heading into the kitchen, "I made cookies yesterday."
"Heheh sure," Flaky said happily. She finished drying off and handed Flippy the towel back when he re-entered the room with a plate of cookies. He set the cookies on the table and was about to walk off to put the towel in the hamper in the bathroom when he heard Flaky yelp.
"FLAKY"! Flippy yelled, instantly dropping the towel and grabbed her when he saw her slip and fall on the floor before her head could hit the ground and quite possibly break her skull. Flaky whimpered, very relieved that she was ok. She cursed herself for forgetting to dry the bottom of her feet and she slipped. She opened her eyes and they widened when she saw how close Flippy's face was to hers. They were both blushing madly seeing that their heart shaped noses were even pressed together. She wanted to pull away but her body wouldn't let her. Flippy had one arm on her body, keeping her from completely falling her whole body to the floor while the other arm was holding her head.

"S-sorry..." Flaky stuttered feeling very embarrased, "I guess I forgot t-to dry my feet.."
"It's ok," said Flippy very calmly, his eyes locked onto hers, "I'm just glad.. you're ok." Flaky blushed a bright shade of pink. Despite what had almost happened, Flippy looked very relaxed as though this was a normal thing. She stared deeply into his black pacman eyes, starting to feel calm like him. Flippy's eyes were now half open, his paw now holding her cheek. She snapped back to reality when he softly laughed.
"W-what is it?" she asked.
"Oh... you're so cute when you are embarrased..." Flippy whispered, blushing a deep red.
"F-Flippy!" Flaky squeaked in surprise. never once had anyone called her cute. She wondered if he really did get sick, he'd have to be to call someone as ugly as her cute.
"You're so adorable Flaky..." Flippy sighed like a lovesick puppy and rubbed his nose against hers. This time Flaky gained control of her body again and pulled away. Flippy looked at her confused but then realized what he just did and sweatdropped. "Sorry.." he said shyly and got up.
"I-it's o-ok..." Flaky said shyly. Flippy stood up and held out his paw for her to take. She at first hesitated but took it. His paw felt so warm compared to her freezing one. Her blush deepened to the point where it blended in with her fur. Flippy lightly chuckled at that and offered her a cookie. She shyly smiled and took it from him. She was about to take a bite but then sneezed.

"Hehe, guess you probably got sick," said Flippy, "here." He took off his jacket and wrapped it around her. Her blush deepened even more red to the point it had a maroon color to it. Flippy smiled warmly and led her to his couch. They both sat down and simply stared at each other. Flaky felt herself going crazy from the silence. Luckily the silence finally ended when Flippy placed his paw on her cheek again, his eyes again locked onto hers.
"What a cute embarrased porcupine you are~" Flippy cooed. Flaky felt so shy and embarrased right now, she just wanted to hide in a pile of stuffed animals.
"Hehe, you don't have to be so shy towards my honest compliments," he said softly.
"Y-you mean," Flaky stuttered, "that you a-actually think i'm c-c-c-cute?"
"The cutest thing i've ever seen," Flippy smiled happily letting his blush show. Flaky stared with widened eyes. He actually thinks i'm cute! She thought to herself. She jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly. Flippy stared in surprise but happily gave in and hugged her back. Flaky was so happy that someone especially him thinks she's cute. She was so happy she ended up falling asleep right then and there in Flippy's embrace. Flippy smiled lovingly when he heard her soft breathing. He carefully laid her down on the couch and got up. He walked towards Flaky's little handbag and reached into his pocket, pulling out a gold key and slipped it into her bag. When he flipped out that morning he killed Lifty and Shifty and snapped out of it when he looked at the key right when the thunder roared in the sky. He kept it knowing it belonged to someone and just now realized it must've been hers. He smiled hoping she'll be happy to find it in there later. He walked back over to Flaky and watched her sleep, hearing her muttering his name in her slumber.

Happy Tree Friends A cute embarrased porcupine
This is a fanfic inspired by… yes I asked kikuofan's permission to make this. I just made the story up. I hope she likes it:3
Slender Kirby
This was a silly idea/joke thing me and tails090 thought of when she made 3d art of Kirby
Sorry I haven't been uploading anything for a while I plan to very soon I've been a little busy lately but i'm alright and I will upload stuff again very soon:3


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i've started drawing in middle school mainly. when i was younger i colored books. my life isn't really all that fantastic. i like disney,sonic,spyro,conker,animal crossing, mlp, and lps. my favorite game system is the wii but also gamecube.


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